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This Is NOT Good -

National "Report Card" NEAP test scores were just released. Overall trends confirm some of my worst fears about the harmful effects of the pandemic on children. Descriptors of the data in the articles include "bleak", "grim", and "dismal". Takeaway: "Tom Kane, an economist at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, agreed that NAEP scores definitively affirmed what prior studies have already demonstrated. More observers needed to study the magnitude of the loss, he added, because the proposed academic remedies in most of the country are “nowhere near enough” to combat it."

The questions remain: How will CUSD's scores stack up? What do we need and where do we need it to be sure our kids recover any losses? How do we do it with empathy and understanding for all parties involved- who may still be suffering from real wounds inflicted over the past two years?

One Board member shared this sentiment, "recognizing that everyone has gone through trauma is key to finding our way back. In order to solve many of the issues before us, coming together and engaging with our community in wellness and healing will be key. Providing avenues to listen, reflect and communicate with our various constituencies will make a difference and hopefully lead to solving problems together. This has been a time of great challenge, but it also provides a terrific opportunity to work closely and engage with our communities to make things better and improve the lives of our students." (ROSEMARY KAMEI, "California Schools", Summer 2022) Rosemary, I couldn't agree more.

Articles below:

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