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California's Test Scores Are Troubling, but CUSD Fared Very Well!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

It looks like California, like the rest of the nation, saw a significant decline in test scores coming out of the pandemic. See Story HERE.

However, this headline says it all: Coronado Unified Test Scores Among Highest in San Diego County CUSD students defied the odds and did incredibly well! This is a huge credit to our entire school community - the parents, teachers, staff who made it happen, and our STUDENTS for showing resilience and fortitude during incredibly challenging times. So proud of our CUSD family.

And the Third grade team at SSES deserves a special recognition. With exceptional scores in BOTH math and reading, these students, their families, and their educators did something really special. It's worth looking at historical data for this subset to see see what patterns emerge. Why did these kids do so well? Is it the teaching happening in the classroom? Was this class an exceptionally strong group of students? Is it the Silver Strand staff and admin who make students feel so welcomed? Evidence tells us that a welcoming, safe culture leads to academic success - some call it a "positive, transformational culture". Or is it the unique experiences of the large population of military connected students there? Is there something in their life experience that is building resilience, grit, and a growth mindset?

I hope someone digs into this data to find out!

Congratulations to all on this impressive accomplishment!

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